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60 Tips for an Extra Green Earth Day

April 17, 2012

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Are you looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day every day? Take a look at our list to see how you can get inspired, take action, and go green!

Going Green 101

Where to start? Check out these tips if you're a newbie:

Ecological Footprint Quiz: How big a carbon footprint are you leaving behind? Take this quiz to find out.

How to Green Your Diet: 3 Easy Steps

How to Start Your Urban Garden

Going Green 101: Tips for a Healthy Earth Day

How to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday: 10 Easy Tips

Green-Focused Coaching

Want to go green and need some help? These Integrative Nutrition graduates can help you get on the eco-friendly path:

Safe Haven, Safe Home: Lara Adler (IIN Class of 2007) teaches you how to green and detox your whole home to keep it safe for your children.

Just Great Foods: Just Great Foods, the brainchild of Robin Gentry McGee (IIN Class of 2006) produces non-processed, close to the earth, un-traveled, pure food. In addition, the company offers a full spectrum of programs to help others foster a healthier relationship with food.

Eat, Drink and Be Green

garden in the koopGrow your own food and nourish your body in an eco-friendly way to help yourself and the earth:

Garden in the Koop: Laura Baldwin (IIN Class of 2009) sells gardens in recycled egg cartons that are easy to maintain and don't take up too much space. The cartons are available in a wide variety of seedlings.

OlyKraut: Summer Bock (IIN Class of 2006) has a raw gourmet sauerkraut company that creates seasonal, sustainable fermented foods from local produce.

Affirm Water: Started by Alicia Grimaldi (IIN Class of 2003), Affirm Water encourages people to drink more water from a safe vessel while protecting the environment and creating positive change in the world.

sprout productsGet a Healthy Glow

What goes on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Upgrade your beauty style with healthier options:

Sprout Skincare: Adina Grigore (IIN Class of 2006)  creates all natural, sustainable skin creams, body scrubs, lip balms, cleansers and toners that are gentle on your skin.

Heaven and Earth: Mary Harris (IIN Class of 2011) makes earth-friendly, natural, vegan, and vegetarian products for mind, body, and spirit.

Cush Cosmetics: Toni Hall Parker (IIN Class of 2008) integrated nature, science and sustainability to create this natural skin and hair care line. All of the products are made strictly from botanicals and essential oils.


ecopure productsGreen Spring Cleaning

Clear out the dust, clutter, and let the energy of spring into your home. Kick off a healthy cleaning spree with these eco-friendly tips:

10 Easy Ways To Green Your Home

Create a Paperless Kitchen: Simple Mom shows you how to get rid of napkins and paper towels without sacrificing your clean kitchen.

EcoPureChoice: Tarina Visone (IIN Class of 2009) makes home cleaning products contain ingredients found in nature and are guaranteed to not harm your health or the earth.

20 Eco-Friendly Ways to Spring Clean Your Home

Modern Pioneering

compostHow green will you go? Check out these cool tips below to reduce your carbon footprint:

Make Your Own Compost

Make Your Own Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit: Care2 shows you how to clean your home with common edible ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and salt.

Can You Do Away With Toilet Paper?: This helpful post breaks down your options.

Raise Your Own Chickens!

Who To Follow

Want to get more daily earth-friendly tips into your life? Try following these voices in social media:

tree huggerTree Hugger: A Discovery Channel site, covering all things green, from the latest products to eco news. It's one of the most widely read environmental blogs. @TreeHugger

ecogeekEcoGeek: A blog exploring the symbiosis between nature and technology, reporting on new ecofriendly trends and gadgets. @ecogeek

gristGrist: "A beacon in the smog," Grist covers the latest beats on climate change, policy, small farming, and more. @grist

ecosalonEcoSalon: This lifestyle and fasion site covers your favorite topics with an eco-friendly approach. @ecosalon

To find more people to follow and new articles on Twitter search the hashtags #EarthDay, #sustainable or #greenliving

Pinterest Boards

earth eatsEarth Eats: Pins from a weekly podcast, public radio program and blog covering the freshest news and recipes inspired by local food and sustainable agriculture.

green living magazineGreen Living Magazine: Pins from Green Living magazine, including environmental tips for "greening" your health and wellness, children, pets, outdoor living, food and education.

YouTube Channels

garden-girl-tvGardenGirltv: Videos and playlists sharing tons of useful ideas, from how to preserve herbs in ice cubes to how to make a chicken coop tractor.

greenopolisGreenopolisTV: A feed devoted to protecting the environment, exploring a range of subjects such as facts about recycling and ways to be energy efficient.

Local/Sustainable Foods

Make your kitchen more earth-friendly with these tips for finding sustainable, wild, and local foods:

Seafood Watch: The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch educates both home cooks and professionals about choosing the most sustainable seafood choices. Get the most up-to-date list of which fish to choose (and which to avoid!), and here for delicious recipes.  

Local Harvest: Find a local farms, community supported agriculture (CSA) groups, and other local and sustainable food resources.

Neighborhood Fruit: Find fruit trees on land in the public domain and enjoy some free fruit.

Urban Organic Gardner: learn how to grow your own container garden on your patio, windowsill, or terrace.

Coffee CSA: find farm-to-cup coffee sources and support farmers directly.

fennel bruschetta

venison and morel sauce

strawberry soup

Your Eco-Friendly Cookbook

Go native - host an Earth Day pot luck and cook local and wild with these tasty recipes:

Roasted Fennel Bruschetta: From IIN graduate and Health Coach Emily Levenson's blog.

Quinoa beet salad from cookbook author and IIN graduate Marika Blossfeldt.

Spring greens with apricot vinaigrette from award winning cookbook author and IIN graduate Terry Walters.

Nettle gnocchi from herb and spice purveyor, chef, and IIN graduate Frank Giglio.

Venison medallions with morel mushroom sauce from Hank Shaw, seasonal, local food enthusiast and author of the honest food blog.

Braised lamb shanks from TV host, author and Top Chef contestant IIN graduate Andrea Beaman.

Fennel Salad with Thyme Vinaigrette: from Amie Valpone, an IIN graduate, author of The Healthy Apple blog, and Publisher of Easy Eats Magazine.

Heirloom Tomato and Goat Cheese Soup: From IIN graduate Irina Gonzalez, Health Coach and author of The Fit Flexitarian blog.

Chilled Strawberry Almond Butter Soup: From Oh She Glows, a healthy vegan blog by Angela Liddon.

zipcarAlternate Transportation

Leave the gas guzzler in the garage and try out some healthier transportation alternatives:

main street veganGet IINformed

Learn more about eco-friendly eating, working, and living with these resources:

Main Street Vegan: Health coach, environmental advocate, and author Victoria Moran provides a witty, charming guide to becoming vegan. Click here to check out her other books.

Diet for a Hot Planet: Author Anna Lappe, co-founder of the Small Planet Institute, investigates the connection between the food industry and climate change.

Essential Nourishment: Written by Marika Blossfeldt (IIN Class of 2005), this resource is part cookbook, part holistic guide, and totally dedicated to living (and eating!) well.

Apple Pushers: This film focuses on the fruit and vegetable street vendors in New York's underserved areas.

no impact manGarbage! The Revolution Starts at Home: This film focuses on  the waste generated by a family in a three-month span.

No Impact Man: This film focuses on one family's attempt to "live off the grid."

Dirt! The Movie: This film focuses on soil fertility, pollutants, erosion, and what we can do to protect the health of our greatest resource.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: IIN teacher Dr. Neal Barnard is the president of this organization, which advocates for reform in Federal nutrition policies, plant-based eating, and alternatives to animal research.

Environmental Tips from the EPA

A Guide To Green Jobs

Get IINvolved

Moved to do more to make a difference in the health of our world? Check out these charitable causes that are helping to spread health and sustainability:

Fruit Tree Planting Foundation: Raw foods expert and IIN teacher David Wolfe acts as the president of this charity, whose mission is to plant as many edible, fruitful trees and plants as possible.

Slow Food USA: This global non-profit "believes everyone has the right to good, clean, and fair food."

Healthy Child, Healthy World: Healthy Child Healthy World advocates for eco-friendly alternatives to the toxic chemicals that harm children.

Food Day: IIN teacher Michael Jacobson, a founding member of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, launched Food Day in 2011 to promote sustainability, increase consumer access to locally-grown foods, and protect the environment and animals by reforming factory farms.

We hope you enjoyed our eco-friendly post. Please do share it and help others go green!

At Integrative Nutrition, we take sustainability seriously. Our offices are ultra green and wind powered, and students study from home.