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7 Foods That Naturally Boost Your Body Temperature

December 21, 2013

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Do you always have a red nose and cold hands this time of year? Thermogenic foods, or those that have warming properties, may be just what you need to switch your internal thermostat to a higher setting. As you eat, your body burns calories to digest the food, and this creates heat. The final result is you get a temporary boost in body temperature. Defrost from the cold by eating some of these winter-friendly foods.

Cayenne Pepper: Turn up the heat with this incredibly hot pepper that contains a chemical in its inner membranes called capsaicin. This natural compound is to thank for giving the pepper a supremely spicy bite. Although eating cayenne pepper or something seasoned with it might initially make you break a sweat, the digestive process is what really causes the warming sensation throughout your body. Jalapeno and habanero peppers may also do the trick.

Coconut oil: A few tablespoons of coconut oil a day may be just what you need to thaw out. This oil contains “healthy” saturated fats which are broken down by the body and converted into energy, rather than just being stored in fat cells. This action kicks up your core temperature. Coconut oil may also have antiviral properties and may even stabilize blood sugar in those with diabetes.  

Ice water: Ready for some goose bumps? Pour yourself a couple glasses of ice water to ramp up your body temperature. It may seem counterintuitive, but as you sip down the icy H2O, your body races to warm up the liquid to your normal temperature. Beyond keeping you well hydrated, ice water may also help you to burn more calories and aid your system in clearing out toxins.

Peanuts: High in niacin (vitamin B3), peanuts are also considered a warming food due to their ability to increase blood circulation and speed up sluggish metabolisms. Peanuts have a “healthy” fat content and are high in plant-based protein, both of which make the legume a tasty and toasty superfood. Break the nut out of its shell to also unlock its antioxidant power.   

Brown rice: Serve up a side of brown rice to generate some internal body heat. This healthy complex carbohydrate takes longer for your body to digest, compared to simple carbs like white bread and pasta. Since brown rice and other whole grain sources like quinoa and buckwheat are slowly metabolized, they’re a smart choice for chasing away the chills.

Fresh ginger: Another way to ante up the activity of your circulatory system is by eating ginger. Although cooking up a hot ginger-seasoned dish might be the most appealing this time of year, eating raw ginger may work more magic in upping your body temperature and digestive activity. Other root vegetables that may provide a similar benefit are carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes.

What foods keep you warm and toasty?