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8 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

January 4, 2012

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Let’s get real: New Year’s resolutions are so last year. Why do we make these arbitrary lists of ways to improve ourselves and then make them again the following year? What is it about them that keep us coming back for more every January? 

Perhaps it’s because we set goals that are too lofty to pursue for more than the first few weeks. Or maybe it’s because we aren’t really interested in keeping the resolutions. Or maybe it’s because we feel obliged to make resolutions.

Whatever the case may be, why not try on some New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep? Here are a few ideas to make 2012 your happiest, healthiest year yet.

Make your own Food Rules. 
Start with: Drink more water. Eat leafy greens. Eat whole grains. Eat less meat. Eat less processed food. Avoid food in boxes. Eat more raw food. Make your own meals

Get moving.
Exercise doesn’t have to be a marathon. Take the stairs. Park far away from the door. Recruit a workout buddy. Walk on your lunch break. Walk the dog on a longer loop. Turn on the music and just dance. 

Be better, go inward.
Find a spiritual practice. Be grateful. Spend time in nature. Contemplate the big picture. Live life to the fullest. Have no regrets. Learn to meditate. Accept things you cannot change.

Have fun.
Laugh. Go on vacation. Unplug. Smile more and more. Eat chocolate. Take a bath. Get a massage. Be spontaneous. 

Love people.
Have date nights. Spend time with children. Forgive someone. Give hugs. Say “I love you,” in person. Say “thank you” and mean it.

Delete emails. Clean out your closets. Unsubscribe from negativity in your Facebook newsfeed. Turn off your phone. 

Give to charity. Pay it forward. Commit a random act of kindness. Volunteer. 

Go green(er).  
Eat organic. Recycle everything. Say no to plastic bags. Stop using paper towels. Support local business. Vote.

What are your resolutions for 2012?