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9 Green Juices Everyone Can Try This Summer

May 20, 2014

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Have you jumped on the juice cleanse train yet? If not, there’s still time—it looks like this healthy trend is here to stay, and now it’s easier than ever to get your green juice fix! At first reserved for big cities and health food communities, the fad is now a national phenomenon, with cold pressed juice shops popping up in every state.

No juice spot in your town yet? No need to worry, you can still get your daily dose of healthy, drinkable greens. Many brands have started selling their juices to larger retailers like Costco, Starbucks, and Whole Foods. This is great news, because it makes these nutrient-packed beverages available to more people, and you have the freedom of buying one or two at a time instead of committing to enough juice for a 3-day cleanse. Here are some of my favorite green juices that are available nationwide:

The Best Green Juices Available Anywhere: 

Evolution Fresh Essential Greens with Lime: This refreshing juice is packed full of leafy greens, including a couple of interesting extras like wheatgrass and clover sprouts. The lime gives it a zesty punch that’s perfect for summer! It is available at most Starbucks locations nationwide.

Blueprint Green Juice: Arguably one of the frontrunners in the juice revolution, Blueprint makes a simple green juice packed with all your favorite green fruits and vegetables: l kale, romaine, cucumber, and celery all make appearances. This one is a favorite of mine when I’m feeling under the weather, because it features immunity-boosting ginger and lemon. While you can order the full cleanse online from anywhere in the United States, individual juices are available at retailers like Whole Foods and Safeway.

Suja Classic Glow: This juice is similar to Blueprint’s Green Juice, but it has the surprising additions of collard greens and mint. It tastes very “green,” so if you’re new to juicing this might not be the best choice to start with. Individual Suja juices are available at many health food stores and Whole Foods, but if you want to do the full 3 day cleanse, it can be purchased on

Sambazon Supergreens: This one is actually a smoothie, but it belongs on any list of the best green drinks. It’s packed with superfoods like kale, ginger, acai berries, and phytonutrient-filled wheatgreass. The best part is that this drink is available at most Costco locations, and it has a longer shelf life than juice, so you can stock up and always have a green smoothie when you need it!

Life Juice Oh My Greens: This leafy green-basedjuice is delicious and widely available. Pick up a bottle or two at your local Target store, buy a 12-pack in their online shop, or order the 3-day cleanse from Williams Sonoma!

Suja Elements King of Greens: This one is my personal favorite green drink. Because it’s a smoothie, it’s a cheaper option than a cold pressed juice, but it’s still packed with superfoods like spirulina and lots of leafy greens. This smoothie is available at most Whole Foods across the country. 

The Best Juice Cleanses Available Anywhere:

Of course if you’re ready to go all in, several full juice cleanses offer nationwide shipping. There are a few great ones, but it’s always good to check if there’s a cleanse available closer to your hometown to minimize shipping costs.

Pressed Juicery: This juice shop is located in Los Angeles and has a very delicious 3-day juice cleanse. It features 2 very green options as well as a root vegetable juice, citrus juice, and chocolate almond milk. Who needs food when you’re drinking chocolate!? Cleanses can be ordered on the Pressed Juicery Website.

Daily Greens:This cleanse is unique because it consists of almost exclusively green juices. Each juice features different ingredients for specific needs. For example, the Renew Juice is full of refreshing watermelon and mint, while the Rejuvenate Juice has carrots and pineapple. You can order smaller amounts of juice, like the flight of 5 greens or a 7-pack, but the 12-pack cleanse is a great deal (it’s on sale now!). Cleanses can be ordered on the Daily Greens website, and some individual juices can be purchased at retailers like Whole Foods.

Cooler Cleanse: This New York-based company was one of the original juice cleanses on the scene. The juices feature more vegetables than fruit, so if you’re looking for a very green cleanse, this one is for you! It’s also customizable, so you can pick and choose the juices that you want each day. Having a wide variety of juices makes a 3-day cleanse fly by, plus it’s a very hearty cleanse, so you shouldn’t feel hungry! Cleanses can be ordered on the Cooler Cleanse website.

Of course, If you don’t feel like buying your juices, we’ve got plenty of recipes for green drinks you can make right at home with your juicer or blender! Now there is really no excuse not to drink your greens. Do you have a favorite juice bar or even a favorite juice recipe? We would love to hear it—share in the comments below!