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A Delicious, Healthy Mother’s Day Menu

May 9, 2012

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and while you can show your appreciation with a card or a bouquet of flowers, making her a delicious, healthy brunch from scratch is a terrific way to let her know how much you care. Plus, it has other benefits—eating in is often more  budget-friendly than dining out, and home cooking lets you control the nutritional content of the meal you’re making! You can even tailor the meal to suit your mom’s favorite flavors.

Whether your mother loves savory goodies or she has an unstoppable sweet tooth, our brunch menu ideas have got you covered!

Coffee or Tea?

At most other meals, drinks are an afterthought, but at brunch, they’re essential. If your mom just can’t start the day without a cup of chamomile, you can delight her with some organic brewables from Numi or Yogi. On the other hand, if your mother’s more into her java, Crop to Cup offers delightful beans from small purveyors. (You can even read the profiles of their growers on the site.)

Bloody Mary

As a brunch staple, the Bloody Mary reigns supreme; plus, all that tomato juice contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. For a more traditional take on the alcohol-free variety, try Bittersweet Blog’s Bloodless Mary. If you want to up the nutritional factor with kale, spinach, and other twists, check out the version offered up by My Life In A Pyramid.


Does your mom love a good egg? Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s poached eggs, spinach, and onions over quinoa might just blow her mind. Of course, if your guest list has expanded beyond the two of you, a frittata—which is akin to a thick omelet or a crustless quiche—can serve an army, and is totally customizable. Depending on your dining preferences, it can be veggie, meat-filled, dairy-free, spiced to match your favorite cuisine, or just about anything else you can think of. The Fresh Sheet’s recipe (via Daily Perricone) for a spring greens frittata and a fresh side salad is a great jumping-off point.

Pancakes or French Toast

Let’s say you’re in the mood to show off your sweeter side. Pancakes can definitely fit the bill, but there’s no reason they have to be full of empty calories that’ll leave you hungry in a few hours. If you’d like a sweet treat that’ll stick to your ribs, try the tasty pumpkin oatmeal pancakes from Kath Eats Real Food, or the vegan French toast from What Would Cathy Eat?

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