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Be a Healthy Leader on Food Revolution Day

May 10, 2012

Integrative Nutrition is partnering with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day on Saturday, May 19, and we encourage you to get IINvolved!

Hosting a Local Food Event is a great way to get your health coaching practice out there and in front of people who are looking for your services.

Become a healthy leader in your community with one of these ideas:

Crowding Out at the Farmer’s Market: Get in touch with your local farmer’s market organizer to promote yourself as a local Health Coach for food revolution day. Organize tours of the market and along the way teach the community to crowd out the junk in their diet with all the beautiful local produce.

Food Revolution Day Health Histories: If you have been hesitant to approach your local gym, yoga studio, or doctor’s office about offering free health histories, now’s the time! Tell them that in honor of Food Revolution Day you will be offering your services.

Host Healthy Food Store Tours: Guide lost shoppers on a tour of your local supermarket. Steer them away from the center aisles and give them tips on your favorite veggies. Promote your event by getting it online and share the link with everyone you know! Get some ideas on how to host one with our virtual Health Food Store Tour.

Team up with other Health Coaches: Many voices are better than one. Get in touch with your friends from IIN and brainstorm about how to make Food Revolution Day your own.

Make sure to register your event on the Food Revolution Day website so that the world can see the great work that you are doing every day. Share your photos, videos, or event recaps with us by submitting a comment on this blog post, or by sharing a link on Twitter and mentioning us @NutritionSchool. We'd love to see how you get IINvolved!

What will you do for Food Revolution Day? Leave us a comment to let everyone know how they can join you for your Food Revolution Day event!