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Celebrate National No Diet Day Everyday

May 6, 2014

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Let’s be honest, we can all admit to trying out a fad diet or two at one point in our lives. Diets are trendy, there’s no avoiding that, and it’s easy to get swept up in whatever is popular at the time or what people claim “worked.” There are so many fad diets circulating around that it’s nearly impossible to choose one, let alone one that’s right for your body.

Today, let’s make an effort to change all that. It’s National No Diet Day, a day devoted to celebrating your body and appreciating your shape, size, and all the curves (or lack thereof!) that come along with it. Big or small, tall or short, all women should drop their diet and food hang-ups for one day to celebrate their unique body. It’s a day to just appreciate your body for all it does, and also  to bring awareness to the dangers of unhealthy diets.

When I think about diets, I often ask myself why—why are humans putting their bodies through torture and deprivation, just because they heard some celebrity was doing it? What is the motivation behind a diet—to be skinny or to be healthy?

People all over the world are falling into the diet hole, trying to achieve bodily perfection in an unhealthy way. Eating disorders affect both women and men of all ages, and aren’t only limited to anorexia or bulimia. Orthorexia is an increasingly common disorder, in which a person takes healthy eating to an extreme, and has a fear of eating foods that are perceived to be “unhealthy.”

This behavior is not only unhealthy in itself, it also does a great disservice to your miraculous body and all that it does for you every day.Your body is a sacred vessel that allows you to experience the world. It should be given love, laughter, nourishment, and, yes, a little indulgence every now and then. What’s a life without chocolate, right? Showing your body love by feeding it healthy, wholesome foods should be the focus of a diet, not counting calories or obsessing about exercise. Only by listening to what your body needs and treating it with the care that it deserves can you be truly healthy, inside and out.  

From here on out, let’s all make a pledge to celebrate “No Diet Day,” every single day. Let’s change our focus from dieting to achieve some “perfect” body (which doesn’t exist, trust me), to changing our lifestyle to reach a higher level of health and wellness. You are all beautiful inside and out, and you should remind yourself of that every day.  

So what do you say, are you with me? Tell us how you plan on celebrating National No Diet Day in the comments below!