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Choose Your Favorite IIN Transformation Video

April 24, 2013

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Integrative Nutrition has sparked some powerful personal and professional changes in the lives of our students and graduates.

These changes have created the kind of passion and ambition that continues to make this world a healthier and happier place.

So we asked several of our students and graduates to create mini-memoirs about their transformation journeys.

Voting is now over, but here are the top five finalists:


1. Maria Jose Flaque: after years of suffering from fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety, IIN led Maria to a healthier lifestyle and a career she loves.



2. Kristen Hedges: attending IIN gave Kristen the confidence to pursue her passion for helping people learn about real food and healthy, balanced living.



3. Susana Lopez-Rosas: becoming a Health Coach helped Susana realize her dream of pursuing a master’s degree in public administration.



4. Bree Ziegler: with IIN’s help, Bree went from being overmedicated and overweight to a health-conscious wellness expert for a local magazine.



5. Jenelle Leclair: facing some critical physical setbacks, IIN inspired Jenelle to achieve her own health goals and spread health and happiness to everyone around her.


We will announce the winner in early May. Until then, we want to know – who, or what, has inspired a personal transformation in your life?