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Coffee May Not Cause Dehydration, Study Finds

January 13, 2014

For so many, that morning cup of coffee is essential, but as long as they’ve consumed it, coffee drinkers have been told that a shot (or shots) of caffeine can leave them dehydrated.

“I would say that if I’m drinking coffee, that I would generally like to follow the coffee with a water,” said Darcy Cadman, a patron in a New York coffee shop.

While it’s true that caffeine can be dehydrating, a study Thursday in PLoS ONE found that wasn’t the case when it came to drinking moderate amounts of joe.

Researchers at Birmingham University took a group of 50 healthy men and had half of them drink four small mugs of coffee daily for three consecutive days. The other half drank four small glasses of water. Then the men switched.

The study results: There was no significant difference in the men’s hydration levels.

Coffee, after all, is made up of more than 95 percent water.