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Exploring the Connection Between Good Health and Sexuality

January 9, 2013

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As we all know, being healthy is about integrating all aspects of our being and lifestyle. You could be taking good care of your body, but if you neglect your mind or emotional body, you won't be as healthy and happy as you could be.

As a health coach, I have been practicing this theory for about four years. My life has changed in amazing ways: I've become more loving, healthy, happy and creative. In my studies, I've devoted the last three years to finding out how our sexuality affects this integrative approach to life, and guess what? Our sexuality does affect our health and wellbeing.

You might have grown up in a society in which sexual education was very basic, and our parents, schools and religion condemned our sexual selves. These factors create fear, guilt and repression around sexuality. The lack of touch, communication and information in this very important area of our lives has created a lot of blocks that affect not only our sexuality, but also our emotional and energetic being.

Food also affects our sexual lives, since excess sugars, fried foods, alcohol and flour products create a shield in our body and desensitize us. These foods make us less sensual, and block how our body feels in the sexual act; what's more, they block our emotional being, making us immune to our feelings and avoidant of our truth. 

For most  women, having an efficient hormonal system is very important in maintaining overall health; through nutrition, we learn how to regulate and balance our hormones, creating amazing effects in controlling our moods, menopause, libido, fertility and creativity.

For men, the choices you make when you eat can also help you to increase your libido, stamina and creativity. Making the right food choices can also help you to replenish your body after sexual intercourse; since your semen is mostly protein, you lose some vitamins and minerals when you ejaculate. With the right nutrition you will feel better, keep nourished and rejuvenate.

So, how can we start to have a healthy sexuality?  We need information and experience.

There are multiple ways to approach this important aspect of your life. There are intimacy coaches, tantra teachers, sexual healers and so many books that could help you start down this path of getting to know your sexuality. It is a bit like in nutrition, where we learn how to experience different types of diets until we find the ones that fit perfectly into our lifestyle and body.

Healthy sexuality is all about loving yourself, accepting your body, and learning to communicate and maintain your boundaries. It is about experiencing the sensual pleasures of life to create healing not just in your body through orgasm, but also in your emotions and your energetic body. Healthy sexuality allows you to become one with all, to reach Nirvana, Samadhi or enlightment.

I hope that in this new year, you take care of yourself, opening your mind to new ideas, experiences and paths that will help you grow and heal so that you can be the happiest, healthiest and most loving person you can be.


Karina Velasco was born and raised in Mexico City. As a health coach, television host, natural chef, author and yoga practitioner, Karina inspires others to make healthy lifestyle changes. Her infulence is among the Latin community as well as in the United States.