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Healthy Travel: 9 Ways to Maintain Wellness Away From Home

March 11, 2013

One of the most challenging times to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle is when you're traveling far from home and have limited options at your disposal.

Whether you have dietary restrictions , certain routines or rituals , or other health requirements, traveling can create an imbalance in more ways than one. But don't let wellness anxiety get in the way of having fun. There are lots of ways to have a great time and stay healthy while doing it, no matter where you roam!

Here are 9 tips for supporting your health during the long (or short) road travelled:

Bring healthy snacks.

No matter where you go, bring some healthy foods along to stave off hunger until you can find food options you approve of. Fruit, granola, and nuts, among other foods that travel well , will provide hours of energy without skimping on the nutrients.

Do your research.

Don't make a hasty decision about where to go if you have any specific health needs. Do some research online for the best destinations that can accommodate you; chances are that you'll find many options available!

Take your routine with you.

If you're used to journaling or doing yoga in the morning, aim to continue that practice wherever you go. Plan your schedule around the things you know will help you stay balanced and feeling your best.

Don't let vacation be an excuse to overindulge.

Being carefree and suspending the usual rules is part of what makes vacation fun. Just respect your limits and remember to stop yourself from going overboard when you know the consequences aren't worth it.

Get a room with a kitchen .

Whenever possible, arrange to stay someplace where you'll be able to cook your own meals. You'll likely still be able to eat out whenever you like, but having a kitchen will motivate you to pursue more healthy, home cooked meals with quality local ingredients.

Offer to cook .

If your travels include spending time with friends or family whose eating preferences are different from your own, offer to prepare a meal! It may inspire them to gain an interest in greater health and wellness .

Move and explore.

You may be missing (or not!) your usual fitness activities, but being far from your favorite gym is no reason to be sedentary. Simply walking and exploring your locale will get your body moving and keep you energized.

Rest and reset.

The activities of traveling may be fun, but consider your stress level before you left home, and what you may be coming back to. Staying up late every night every night might not be worth the loss of sleep and quality rest . Getting ample shut-eye will help you avoid feeling like you need a vacation after your vacation!

Do the best you can.

When you've done all that you can to prepare yourself for the most healthful trip possible, but you know the conditions are still less than ideal, just do the best you can and don't worry. Choose the healthiest option from what's available, communicate your needs to others, and remember the 90/10 rule . Trust in your body's ability to regain balance when you return home.

How will you make your next vacation the healthiest possible?