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How to Survive Your Holiday Hangover

January 1, 2014

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On New Years Day, we are supposed to feel invigorated by the opportunity to start the coming year anew. Unfortunately, holiday celebrations leave many of us with a hangover that makes us want to welcome the New Year in bed.

This experience is known as the holiday hangover and is a result of a month of holiday parties, festive foods, and even more festive drinks. All of these build up over time, creating an extra-terrible hangover after the culmination of the season on New Years Eve. Fear not though, there are some tried and true ways to make sure you see January 2nd with clear eyes and a healthy gut.

Water – Drink it…a lot of it. Your body is most likely dehydrated from a combination of alcohol and not-so-healthy foods. To feel better you need to replace what you’ve lost… and then some. I’m a fan of coconut water, but you can also add a lemon wedge to increase the detoxifying effects.

Clean foods – Part of your holiday hangover is your body’s response to heavy foods that aren’t part of your normal diet, making you feel sluggish and tired. Begin adding clean, whole foods to your diet to help your body recover faster. Brown rice, fresh fruits, and veggies are all good ways to begin getting back on track.

Eggs and high-quality protein – If your hangover is more a result of overdoing it at the bar make sure to eat eggs and other types of protein today. Protein in food is broken down into amino acids when digested, which helps restore the body’s natural levels that alcohol happens to deplete.

Movement and fresh air – Though you may want to stay inside and cover your head with a blanket, getting your blood moving is one of the best ways to get over your holiday hangover. Not only will you be getting back on track with your workout routine, but it’ll also help to boost your endorphins and rev up your metabolism. Just make sure to rehydrate if you drank the night before.

Sleep – Chances are your holiday schedule was hectic between holiday parties, family get-togethers, and your daily responsibilities. Lack of sleep can make you feel hungover even if you haven’t been drinking or overindulging. If you have, lack of sleep can make you feel a whole lot worse. Be sure to make it a priority to catch up on all of that lost sleep for the next week or so and maybe even resolve to get a full seven to eight hours each night this year.

How are you beating your holiday hangover?