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Prescription Vegetables: It's What the Doctor Ordered!

August 22, 2011

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Here at Integrative Nutrition, we believe that a healthy diet and lifestyle could benefit any medical treatment program. However, in a society that often turns to pills and surgery to fix what ails them, the concept of harnessing good nutrition as a medical resource has been labeled "alternative."

Not anymore! Mainstream medical physicians are embracing the idea of pushing a healthy diet before medication - so much so that the term "vegetable prescription" is catching on around the country!

From California to Maine, doctors are using their influence to change vegetable consumption from a recommendation to a requirement. The trend is especially gaining momentum amongst pediatricians to stave off obesity and diabetes for high-risk children.

In one hospital's Veggie Prescription Program in Oakland, CA, the physicians require the enrolled children and their parents to attend classes on cooking fresh vegetables and gives them a box of fresh produce to take home every week.

Other programs hand out vouchers or coupons to get their "dose" of whole foods at the local farmers' markets. It's a win-win situation for the families and local farmers.


Non-profit organizations are also helping to spread the word about "veggie prescriptions." Read about their amazing efforts over at The Ration, a News21 and UC Berkeley initiative to educate the public on food and health.

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What do you think of "vegetable prescriptions" in mainstream medicine?