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Presenting the Newest Food Group: Snack Food

January 20, 2010

Is your pantry stocked with Fruit Roll-ups, Goldfish, Twinkies, and Cheez-it’s?  Could you describe your family as “grazers” who walk by the refrigerator or pantry and grab a handful of whatever looks appealing several times a day?  Have parents gotten used to snacks as a way to stop whining or avoid tantrums?  It’s not unusual to see children snacking at recess, after school, before and after sporting events; basically at every extracurricular activity.  Parents are getting bombarded with requests for snacks and quite often the preferred choice is packaged processed foods:  cookies, crackers and sodas. 

With the increase in activities, marketers target busy parents and kids with mini packs of cookies and other junk foods.  This makes it easy for moms to toss into backpacks for afterschool snacks.  The New York Times reports that, “According to the Agriculture Department, American children get 40 percent of their calories from food of poor nutritional quality.” 

Perhaps it’s time to reassess snack time.  Please comment and let us know how your family snacks.