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See Everything This Olympic Athlete Eats in a Typical Day

March 7, 2014
Sally Tamarkin

Four-time Olympic medalist Julia Mancuso skis as fast as cars drive. On the highway. Called the “greatest big-race competitor in the annals of American Women’s Alpine Skiing,” Mancuso recently earned the bronze medal in Sochi for her performance in the women’s super combined slalom. She won the downhill portion of the event, zooming through the 1.7-mile course in less than a minute, 43 seconds to be exact.

It takes some serious training to fly down the mountain like Mancuso, but we couldn't help but wonder what she eats to fuel her body for a 61-mile-per-hour race. So less than three weeks after Sochi, when in Crans-Montana Switzerland to compete in the World Ski Federation World Cup, Mancuso agreed to share a day-long food diary, complete with smartphone snaps of every meal and snack. With a regular workout routine that includes Qigong meditation, NeuroKinetic Pilates, and tons ofplyometrics, Mancuso needs chow that packs some serious punch. Here’s what she downed in one full day.


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"Steel cut oats, fruit, and nuts and a big cup of coffee to kick-start the day!"

Mid-Morning Juice

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"Boosting my nutrient intake with this mid-morning, organic "Red Ginger" juice (contains organic apple, orange, grapefruit, ginger, beet, and pineapple.)"


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"Lunchtime fuel: Mesclun/arugula salad topped with organic tofu, tons of colorful veggies, and walnuts, with light oil and vinegar dressing."

Post-Workout Snack

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"Chocolate [coconut water] and banana—potassium power duo for post-workout hydration."


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"Turkey chili and a glass of red wine to unwind at the end of a long day"

What's your favorite meal or snack to fuel a busy day? Tell us in the comments below!