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Wellness Today's 2014 Superfood Showdown: Championship Round

April 7, 2014

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It’s finally here. The much-anticipated, hotly-contested, nutrient-packed culmination of Wellness Today’s 2014 Superfood Showdown: The Championship Round.

We began less than four weeks ago, when all 32 superfood competitors were announced, and yet we’ve come so far it feels like much longer. With your help (and thanks to all of you who cast your eager and enthusiastic votes each round!), we narrowed the field down to the Sweet 16 of superfoods, then the Elite Eight, and the Final Four. This past weekend, the remaining all-star superfoods duked it out, as kale faced off against walnuts and quinoa battled cinnamon. Today, only two contenders, the best of the best of the best, are left standing: walnuts and cinnamon.

In perhaps the biggest upset so far of the Superfood Showdown, the solid but not flashy walnuts beat out the uber-popular, meme-producing, king of the leafy greens, kale. It wasn’t a blowout, but the omega-3 filled nuts scored a sound victory over the vitamin-packed star of the salad and juicing world, earning 126 votes to kale’s 96. In another case of old-and-trusted trumping the trendy, spicy cinnamon had no trouble beating quinoa, gaining almost three times as many votes as the protein-packed grain.

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The Championship Round sees these two battle-tested superfoods facing off against one another, in a match that we’re hard-pressed to put a wager on. Interestingly, the spice and the nuts are often paired together in recipes, and in a different context we might all be happily snacking on handfuls of cinnamon-spiced walnuts. But not now. Now it’s time for some serious competition.

Both superfoods have disease-preventing qualities that set them apart from the crowd—cinnamon can ease arthritis pain, reduce the proliferation of cancer cells, and even help with infertility, while walnuts have been linked to fighting everything from heart disease to diabetes to cancer to dementia, and has been linked to longevity. Cinnamon brings an arsenal of nutrients to the match, with fiber, calcium, iron, and manganese, but walnuts’ can boast powerful omega-3 fatty acids for cardiac health, plus B-vitamins to make your hair and skin glow.

The benefits of each are vast and unique—not to mention the fact that both are pretty darn tasty—making this face-off difficult to vote on, or predict. I know that we’ll be thinking long and hard over here before casting our vote on our Facebook page today! Voting starts at 3PM and goes for 24 hours, so don’t forget to weigh in once you’ve made your tough decision.

After that, you’ll have earned a whole bowl of cinnamon-spiced walnuts.

Who do you think deserves the title of Superfood Champion? Tell us in the comments, vote on our Facebook page, and share with your friends to support your pick!