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Wellness Today's 2014 Superfood Showdown: Elite Eight

March 29, 2014

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The Superfood Showdown is in full swing and isn’t slowing down! All this past week, in Round 2 of our tournament, we’ve been pitting superfoods against each other and letting you tell us which deserves to move on from the Sweet Sixteen to the Elite Eight. Today, we had our final matchup and now have a full roster for Round 3, beginning tomorrow.

After starting off with 32 superfood contenders, we’re now down to just eight, with two superfoods represented from each of the four categories (fruits & vegetables, nuts & seeds, proteins & grains, and herbs & spices). Round 3 will begin tomorrow at 2PM EST, so don’t forget to check our Facebook page to cast your vote in the first face-off, and keep checking back throughout the week to vote on each matchup!

With all the low-hanging fruit picked off (pun intended!), and only the best of the best remaining, Round 3 promises to be exciting and unpredictable. Read on for a recap of who will be duking it out this week:

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Kale vs. Blueberries

The unstoppable leafy green pummeled wheatgrass in Round 2, winning 296 to 35, but now it may face some serious competition from blueberries, hot off their triumph over formidable avocado. Both kale and blueberries have some serious antioxidants and anti-inflammatory powers, plus a whole host of vitamins and minerals, so it's hard to tell who has the advantage. And with these superstar superfoods boasting things like banishing belly fat (blueberries) and detoxifying your liver (kale), it’s anyone’s guess who will rise to the top.

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Walnuts vs. Chia Seeds

The omega-3’s, B-vitamins, and cancer-fighting powers of walnuts led them into Round 3 after winning twice the votes of raw cacao in Round 2. In another landslide, chia seeds earned 169 votes to pumpkin seeds’ meager 23 in their face-off. In this face-off, chia seeds bring their own omega-3’s to the table—plus fiber, antioxidants, and calcium—making this a very evenly matched battle.

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Oats vs. Quinoa

The race got pretty tight between salmon and oats, with fiber and folate eventually rising above omega-3’s and iron to bring oats into Round 3 victorious. In this match, oats will face off against the ever-impressive quinoa, with both grain sources bringing quite different qualities to the table. It’ll be interesting to see whether the trendier, gluten-free, high protein quinoa will be able to prevail against tried-and-true (and nutrition-packed) oats.  

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Turmeric vs. Cinnamon

When antioxidant-filled turmeric faced off against immunity-boosting Echinacea, it was no contest: the orange powerhouse safely sailed by the holistic herb, winning 107 to 36. Blood-sugar-regulating, hormone-balancing cinnamon pulled off an upset against chlorophyll-packed spirulina, and so this round will see the two piquant powders going head to head. Both turmeric and cinnamon aid in digestion and promote healthy menstrual cycles, but are otherwise touting quite different nutritional qualities. This one's a real toss-up. 

Don’t forget to check our Facebook page tomorrow and keep checking back as Round 3 rolls out!

What are your predictions for this round? Tell us in the comments!