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What Is Milk's Secret Ingredient That You Want To Avoid?

July 20, 2011

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We know that hormones and antibiotics given to livestock remain present within the meat these animals produce, and it’s not a surprise these chemical substances are also present in the dairy products from these animals. What is shocking is the sheer number of chemicals that make their way into these products.

A new study reported by Mail Online shows that up to 20 chemicals ranging from the sex hormone 17-beta- estradiol to painkillers like Niflumic acid can be found in milk. This study, done by a Spanish-Moroccan research team, tested twenty samples of cow’s milk to reveal trace amounts of these anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers ranging up to three millionths of a gram per kilogram of milk.  

It is said that this highly sensitive testing method, which takes only 30 minutes to detect chemicals in foods, could be a breakthrough in food research. Foods can now be tested for harmful substances in a short amount of time, telling whether or not it is safe for human consumption.

While trace chemicals found in milk may not pose an immediate threat on the milk drinker, over time they could build up in your body, causing a variety of health problems. The best way to  decrease your intake of these potentially harmful substances is to limit or eliminate non-organic animal products from your diet. Buying organic dairy and meat whenever possible will  lower your risk of ingesting these harmful chemicals.

How do you feel about this new method for testing the level of chemicals in food? Do you think it is important to know what is in your food, even if it is just trace amounts?

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