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Who To Follow on Twitter: Health News

February 6, 2012

A feed of real-time information from newspapers, celebrities, politicians, and sports teams makes Twitter a continuous newswire. Credible sources? Perhaps not always; but the popular social network is certainly a great place to get updates and articles from your favorite users.

If you have yet to give in to the Twitterverse, here’s how it works: after creating an account you can choose to follow other users based on your interests or your field of work, or just follow friends and family. You’ll then be able to see their tweets (140-character updates) all on one page. Many tweets include links to articles or other websites, or even photos or videos. Here at Integrative Nutrition, we use Twitter to stay in touch with our students and grads, read articles from our nutrition experts, plus follow major news outlets and organizations to stay in the know about current events related to health and wellness.

We previously shared our Twitter lists of doctors and health experts, as well as healthy recipe bloggers, and now we’re sharing our list for health news, so you can stay up to date on the latest nutrition news!

@nytimeshealth – Regular updates from The New York Times Health page, with a ton of content on the health industry, as well as links to the @nytimeswell blog and new recipes.

@NutritionBlogs – Tweets from the Nutrition Blog Network, a site run by dieticians and nutrition experts who share reliable nutrition information, recipes and health tips.

@health_news – A popular user that tweets health-related articles from a variety of sites. There are multiple tweets an hour so you’ll always find something good.

@EatingLocally – A great Twitter feed that frequently shares articles from all over the web about eating sustainably and supporting local farmers, artisans and food producers.

@bbchealth – Updates almost on the hour from a leading news site, BBC. This account tweets all the health and wellness links with nice, straightforward headlines.

@FamHealthGuide – Tweets from Family Health Guide, a large online resource for breaking health news, topical issues and wellbeing advice.

@NPRHealth – Updates straight from the NPR health desk, a regularly updated account that shares all the health articles straight from the long-time news outlet.

@WomensHealthMag – The popular magazine, Women’s Health, is a favorite on Twitter, sharing links to all their content with fun facts and questions for their readers.

@MensHealthMag – The male counterpart to Women’s Health, Men’s Health is a great resource for the healthy guys on Twitter.

@HealthyLiving – The Huffington Post Healthy Living Twitter feed, that shares links to the latest stories from the popular blog. Many of the IIN teachers are often featured on the site, including @deepakchopra, @markhymanmd, and @DrDavidKatz

@organic_hive – “A swarm of health news” from Health Hive, with a focus on all things organic and natural.

@LATimesHealth – Streams and links tweeted to news features in health and medical areas from the popular news source, the Los Angeles Times.

@DrOz - With regular tweets and links, the host of the Dr. Oz Show is a big name on Twitter. He tweets links to his segments and well as quick tips for health and wellness.

@msnbc_health – Links from the health desk covering the latest in diet and nutrition news.

@drweil – IIN teacher Andrew Weil is a frequent tweeter, sharing links to his own articles, retweets from other health feeds, and consistently engaging his large following of over 280,000.

@Disc_Health – Discovery Channel’s Fit & Health page, dedicated to health, fitness and wellness advice tweeting links to articles and videos.

@cbshealth – Updates from HEALTHWATCH, the CBS News section of health headlines and blogs.

@Locallectual – Tweets from the web directory, Local Lectual, which supports local producers, retailers and eateries, and provides information, interesting reads and ways to contribute to the local movement.

@TIMEhealthland – Tweets from Healthland, TIME Magazine’s health and wellness section, with coverage on diet, exercise, policy & industry and more.

@SlowFoodNews – The latest updates from the Slow Food/Local Food Movement, tweeting links to several sites and blogs.

@Organic_Portal – Tweets from Organic Portal, a site that aggregates content for an organic lifestyle with news and features from across the globe.

@cnnhealth – Breaking health news and features from CNN’s health page with coverage on diet and fitness, the healthcare industry, and top news.

@bittman – Tweets from Mark Bittman, a bestselling author and food writer for the NY Times, who shares links to his own latest articles and other good reads.

@HHSGov – The latest updates from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, with links to news, information, and official statements.

@LocalHarvestOrg – Tweets from a large resource for eating locally and supporting family farms and organic food called Local Harvest, where users can read blogs, search for products and find farmers’ markets, co-ops or other destinations.

@michaelpollan – Author of Food Rules, In Defense of Food, and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan tweets links to news from the health and food industries as well as important initiatives.

@DrRichardBesser – The @ABCNews Medical Editor who shares links from his page on ABC Health and hosts a Twitter chat on Tuesdays at 1 PM ET using the hashtag #abcDrBchat.

@justlabelit – Updates and informative articles from Just Label It, an organization committed to telling the FDA to label genetically engineered foods.

@MSNHealth - News from MSN's Healthy Living page, providing articles and updates to empower your health.

And of course, make sure you’re following us at @NutritionSchool, so you don’t miss the healthy recipes, healthy living guides, and the latest news from our blog that we tweet each week!

To save you some time, we already compiled all these health news resources plus a few more users into one list on Twitter. Feel free to follow our @NutritionSchool list for Health News.

Did we forget a standout Tweeter or an outlet that shares health news often? Let us know at

Good news - we’re not finished yet! We’re going to bring you several more Twitter directories in the following areas:

  • Health Coaches
  • Health wellness bloggers
  • Local food
  • School food activists

Would you or someone you know like to be considered for one of our Twitter Directories? Email us at with the following: your name, Twitter handle, the category you’d like to be included in, and the sort of information or resources you share on your page. Make sure there is a link to your website or blog somewhere on your Twitter page.

Happy Tweeting!