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On The Road Diet

August 27, 2008

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We are a fast-paced nation. Adults and children are always on the run, rushing to their next event. We spend less time at home than we used to, which leads us to rely on convenient food. We eat food from delis, restaurants and drive-thrus.

Families used to eat meals together every day. Dinner was a time for parents and kids to come together to eat and talk about their days. Nowadays home is more like a hotel. Adults, teenagers and children wake up at different times, go in different directions, eat separately and come home to sleep.

Instead of rushing around for your next meal, what would it be like to take the time to sit down for a home-cooked meal with your family? You can make it a family event starting with kids picking out their favorite vegetables and everyone in the family helping to chop, stir or taste while you cook. And you can make even a simple meal special by setting the table, lighting candles or using the fancy dishes.

Before you jump in the car and get in the drive-thru line, try to prepare a meal with the whole family or with your friends. If time is an issue you can find simple recipes here.