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22 Healthy Hummus Recipes for Every Occasion

May 15, 2014

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Happy National Hummus Day everyone!

In the past three years, I’ve been lucky enough to get to travel to Israel twice. The first time I went to have an adventure, meet new people, and perhaps stumble upon some self-discovery. The second time I went for one reason: the hummus. Okay, there were a few other reasons, but I’m not lying when I say hummus was the main driver there.

Sure, we all love hummus, but if you’ve ever had it the way it’s made to be eaten—warm, thick, made with impossibly fresh tahini and rich olive oil, accented with turmeric and cumin, served in a big bowl that you have to stop yourself from licking when you’re done—you develop a newfound appreciation for it.

Not only is hummus delicious, but it’s also deliciously good for you. The chickpeas provide a serious protein punch and could reduce cholesterol and cancer risk, while tahini is a great source of calcium and olive oil provides all those good healthy fats. Garlic and lemon juice, which are other typical additions, help boost your immunity and are anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

I haven’t yet found an approximation of Israeli hummus in the States, but there are tons of yummy store-bought options, and of course the option to make your own (it’s super easy!). In honor of National Hummus Day, here are some scrumptious and healthy ways to eat hummus morning, noon, and night!


Egg, Kale, and Tomato Breakfast Wraps with Hummus With nutrient-packed kale and fresh herbs, this hearty wrap powers you through to lunch.

Maple Cinnamon Breakfast Hummus Superfoods maple syrup and cinnamon make this sweet spread even healthier. Try it spread on whole-grain toast or fruit slices!

Breakfast Tostada with Spinach and Hummus Cheese, egg, and hummus provide a trio of protein power in this super-flavorful (and beautiful) dish.

Banana Breakfast Hummus Bananas are the ultimate breakfast food, so why not toss ‘em in along with the chickpeas to make a morning hummus? Walnuts add some texture and healthy fats to this recipe, which is great on toast (or try it swirled into your oatmeal!).

Quinoa Hummus Breakfast Bowl The sliced almonds on top are really what make this warm, savory bowl stand out.


Garbanzo Bean Soup A socially sanctioned excuse to spoon up a huge bowl of hummus? Yes, please.

Mini Avocado & Hummus Quesadillas There’s no reason not to combine avocado with hummus at every possible opportunity. These adorable mini-quesadillas incorporate queso fresco and cumin for an added kick.

Hummus, Onion Relish, and Honey-Lime Kale Sandwich You had me at honey-lime kale. This flavor-packed sandwich can be as hearty or light as you like, depending on what kind of roll you choose and whether or not you add cheese.

Avocado and Spiced Hummus Sandwich What did I just say about avocado and hummus? The veggies in this sando are tossed in a zesty vinaigrette that kicks everything up a notch.

Double-Layer Summer Vegetable Sandwich with Hummus and Pesto This isn’t your grandma’s veggie and hummus sandwich. Crisp radishes and carrots add a crunch to the creamy texture of the hummus.


Hummus Sushi Rolls Just looking at the pictures in this recipe make me drool. Plus, it includes nutrition-packed nori and asparagus.

Hummus-Crusted Salmon With just three ingredients, this recipe not only makes a body- and tastebud-pleasing main dish, it’s also insanely easy.

Whole Grain Hummus Pizza (Gluten-Free and Vegan!) If there’s one thing I like more than cheese, it’s hummus, which takes the place of the typical mozzarella in this peppery pizza pie.

Granny’s Hummus Pasta It may not be the most beautiful creation, but when rich hummus covers a big plate of brown rice spaghetti, I’m not one to complain.

Vegan Hummus Rice Bowl Rice and hummus are a match made in heaven (in fact, many Middle Eastern restaurants serve rice with their hummus platters along with pita!), and this recipe makes a super nutritious meal of the combo, adding hemp seeds, spices, and tons of veggies.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Hummus Chocolate and peanut butter are the ultimate dessert combo, and when they come in the form of a healthy hummus you can scoop up with cookies, crackers, fruit (or your finger), even better!

Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Hummus Cake The garbanzo beans in this recipe take the place of flour to create rich, moist cake with no gluten but tons of protein!

Peanut Butter Hummus Cookies Peanuts and chickpeas are both legumes, so it makes sense that they go together perfectly! This recipe is incredibly easy, gluten-free, and—bonus—it has chocolate, too!

Snickerdoodle Dessert Hummus Another dippable dessert, this snickerdoodle hummus tastes just like the classic cookie—which would be the perfect thing to scoop it up with!

Dessert Hummus Trio And just in case you’re not convinced about hummus as a dessert, here’s a trio of chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate, and carrot cake hummus. Yup.

What’s your favorite way to eat hummus? Tell us in the comments section below!