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Video: Maple Almond Chia Pudding Recipe

May 28, 2014

What happens when you combine a classic, comforting dessert with one of the most powerful superfoods? You get the ultimate delicious, nutritious sweet treat: Chia pudding! Sure, you may not associate pudding with healthy eating, but this recipe turns that notion on its head. Made with nutrient-filled chia seeds, plus antioxidant-packed maple syrup and health-boosting cinnamon, this isn’t just healthified “junk food,” it’s a nutrition powerhouse in its own right.  

In this video, Hailey guides you through her super easy maple almond chia pudding recipe. Once you try this one out, play around with different spices, sweeteners, and toppings to make it your own! Before you know it, you might have a new favorite dessert!

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What toppings will you add to your chia pudding? Let us know in the comments below!