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5 Fun Father’s Day Activities Dad Will Love

June 14, 2014

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If your dad is anything like mine, it’s nearly impossible to find him the right gift. This Father’s Day, I’m going to avoid the endless (and fruitless) trip to the mall looking for the perfect present, and instead plan a fun activity for the two of us. After all, quality time with you is probably the one thing that’s always at the top of your dad’s wish list, even if he won’t admit it. Here are five fun and creative activities to make this year’s Father’s Day one your dad will remember for a long time:

Breakfast in Bed

Alright, this one might remind you of grade-school days and soggy bowls of cereal, but don’t dismiss it now that you’re all grown up. Instead, use your new maturity—and culinary skills—to add a bit of sophistication to this classic treat. If you can enlist your mom or someone else who lives with him to help you out, you can have your accomplice keep him in bed (and away from the kitchen) until you arrive; if not, just give him a call the night before and tell him to expect you the next morning, and to be hungry. If he’s got a sweet tooth, these protein-packed coconut pancakes are sure to please, and if you want to go savory, these zucchini pancakes with poached eggs are a tasty way to sneak Dad some veggies.

Go Out on the Water

One of the best ways to make Dad instantly feel like you’re on vacation is to spend time near a body of water. If you live in a coastal state, take Dad on a trip to the beach; if you’re by a lake, rent a kayak or paddle boat and head out into the open water; if a river is nearby, pack a picnic (don’t forget your cooler essentials!), rent a canoe, and float leisurely down with the current. Just make sure that you take on the brunt of the rowing—remember, this is Dad’s day to relax.

Take in Some Culture

With the nonstop daily grind, it’s likely that your Dad hasn’t taken time recently to explore the cultural offerings of his town or city. Use this day as an excuse to show him around his own home and help him find renewed appreciation for where he lives. Do a little research to find something fun and interesting nearby, and buy tickets ahead of time. Even if he doesn’t live near a major city, there’s bound to be something worth checking out—a local museum, art galleries, a community theater production, an outdoor park, a historical landmark. Take into account your dad’s own unique personality when you make your choice.

Get Grilling!

Spend the morning stocking up on all of Dad’s favorite barbecue staples—is he a carnivore or a vegetarian? A burger man or steak guy? Does he have a favorite beer? A favorite dessert?—and invite him over for an afternoon or early evening get-together. Be sure to invite friends and family members who you know he’ll be excited to see. Keep it simple with traditional grilled veggies and meat, or get fancy with these delicious kimchi turkey burgers—it all depends on your dad’s tastes. Tell Dad that he’s allowed to tend the grill if he likes, but all cleanup and preparation are your domain.

Take a Hike!

No matter where your dad lives, chances are there’s some beautiful nature nearby, even if you need to drive for a bit. Do some research to find a local wildlife preserve, mountain, or nature trails, and plan a hike for the two of you. You’ll both get to enjoy the calming beauty of nature, as well as have some serious quality time to reconnect and catch up. Be sure to pack some healthy portable snacks—don’t let Dad go hungry on his special day!

Do you have other suggestions for special ways to spend this Father’s Day with your dad? Share them with us in the comments below!