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5 Perfect Last-Minute Gifts for Mom

May 9, 2014

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Our mothers: where would we be without them? (Well, we’d be nonexistent technically, but you know what I mean!) Our moms spent countless hours nurturing and caring for us as we grew up, helping us become the people we are today. Chances are, even if you’re a full-grown “adult,” there are still certain things for which you can only turn to your mom.

While your mom will likely tell you that she doesn’t expect any special recognition for her work because it was done out of love, that’s no excuse to not honor her on Mother’s Day anyway. Though no gift for mom can truly repay her for everything she’s done for you, the right Mother’s Day present can be a good start.

Of course, your mom will appreciate whatever you get her, but why not go above and beyond the typical flowers or candy and give her something truly meaningful this this Sunday?  Here are five ideas for treating your mom to something extraordinary on this Mother’s Day:

Cook a Special Meal Together

Combine your favorite recipes with your mother’s, and cook up a feast for the family or just the two of you. Make it easy for her by having all the ingredients and equipment ready ahead of time, so she only has to dive in and cook with you. Of course, you’ll take care of all the cleanup, too!

Start a Family Tree

If you don’t know much about your relatives or ancestors, set aside a block of quiet time to ask your mother to fill you in on what she knows. This could be an informal chat, or the beginning of an ongoing project where you both research and contribute to a family tree. You can choose to record your family’s history in whatever way speaks to both of you: draw a family tree by hand, use an online site or purchased software (the one from is very popular), record the information orally, or incorporate it into a family photo album. This is a terrific way to emphasize the importance of family.

Work Out Together

Maybe you and your mom share a passion for a particular sport or type of exercise, like cycling or running. If so, plan to work out together and then head out after for coffee and a sweet treat. If you don’t have a sport in common, think about going to a beginners’ class for a type of exercise you haven’t tried before, maybe yoga or Pilates. It just might lead to you and your mom becoming regular exercise buddies!

Spa Day

Pamper your mother and yourself by booking a whole day at a luxurious spa. Pick a menu of treatments, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. Away from the distractions and stresses of your everyday lives, you and your mother can reignite that special mother-daughter bond.

Video Chat

If you don’t live close enough to your mother to visit, arrange a time for a long video chat where you and she can catch up on your lives. Use the camera on your laptop, and give her a tour of your apartment or yard. Include other family members that she may not have seen or talked to in a while, or show her some of your recent accomplishments—maybe your newly-renovated kitchen, the flowers blooming in your garden, or the cute outfit that you sewed for your daughter. Ask her to do the same. Don’t rush through a list of talking points; instead, take the time to really listen and share. Mothers love nothing better than hearing about the lives of their children!

How will you show your mother you love her this Mother’s Day? Share your ideas in the comment section below!