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Schools Ban Candy and Soda

October 24, 2008

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Across the country schools are banning candy and soda from vending machines, but is a Massachusetts school district taking it too far by not allowing parents to pack junk food in their kids’ lunches? Check out this CNN video which argues both sides of the story.

Critics of the policy argue that schools should focus on daily exercise, while others are applauding the school banning junk foods. The policy poses the question, “Are schools parenting the parents by telling them what they can or cannot pack in their kids’ lunches?”

Childhood obesity is a big concern and the efforts need to not only come from the school board but also the parents. Whether you are young or old healthy eating begins at home by having plenty of vegetables, fruit and other whole foods available. Kids are amazing observers, so most of their food habits—good or bad—come from what they see at home.

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