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4 Ways You Can Give Back to Your Community

November 8, 2013

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With the holiday season right around the corner, thoughts of gratitude and kindness are on everyone’s minds.

But giving back doesn’t have to be limited to simply donating your time or money to a great cause. Why not take the opportunity this year to change it up a bit and get a little creative with your ways of saying thanks?

There are plenty of unique things you can do to show your appreciation. Here are four great ways you can give back to others and your community, too.

1. Attend town hall meetings. Being a regular at community meetings will give you the opportunity to better connect with other local residents and the town itself. This way you’ll feel more comfortable voicing your ideas on possible adjustments and improvements for your community. Who knows – your suggestions could even result in positive changes for your neighborhood!

2. Support local businesses. Next time you’re walking around your neighborhood, keep an eye out for new small businesses that have opened up shop. As a patron at locally-owned stores, you’re not only helping the business owner, but you’re also putting money into the community, allowing for expansion of the local economy as well as possible new businesses. Your support also creates more jobs and promotes a unique and locally-minded community atmosphere.

3. Volunteer your time. Whether it’s becoming a big brother or big sister, working at a soup kitchen, or helping out at a local animal shelter, giving your time to those in need is incredibly fulfilling. You can even give the gift of health education! This weekend, members of the Integrative Nutrition community will be hosting booths at farmer’s markets nationwide educating shoppers about the benefits of eating local and organic food.

4. Be kind to others. The easiest but most overlooked tip is to be generous with your compassion. Whether it’s paying a compliment to a coworker on a job well done, buying dinner for a loved one, or offering a ride to a friend who doesn’t own a car, these simple acts of kindness will go a long way by boosting your confidence and giving someone else something to smile about.

How will you pay it forward this holiday season?