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60 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Budget

November 24, 2013

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It’s that time of year again – Macy’s is flooded, Sephora has a line out the door, and people are using books as weapons to cut through lines at Barnes and Noble. We put together a list of healthy holiday gift ideas to make finding the perfect gifts for your health-conscious loved ones a little less hectic!

Even better, we compiled lists of relaxing, nurturing, and joy-bringing gifts for every budget bracket. On a tight budget? Check out our under $10 or under $20 section! Want to get something especially special for your someone special? We’ve got a great section of gifts under $100! This list is geared towards helping you have a healthy holiday within the price range that’s right for you!

$10 and Under

Monogram mug

Homegrown Monogram Mug ($8) from Anthropologie

  • 1. Doggy Foldable Shopping Bag ($1.59): The perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffer, these adorable reusable shopping bags are perfect for anyone to have on hand for an impromptu shopping trip.
  • 2. Vegan Creamy Coconut Shea Butter Soap ($6.50): This pure handcrafted soap is more moisturizing and gentler on the skin than commercial soaps.
  • 3. Rx Bath Cube - Less Stress ($7.00): One of six scents, these bath bombs are made with essential oils, baking soda, and minerals to naturally relax and ease a number of systems. You can also try Cold & Sinus, Detox, Energy, Go to Sleep, and Muscle Ache.
  • 4. Earth Theraputics Dry Skin Brush ($7.70): This Ayurvedic remedy opens up the pores and helps clean out the lymphatic system by promoting circulation and removing dead cells from the skin's surface.
  • 5. Cheerful Mind Balm Aromatherapy ($7.99): This orange, spearmint, cinnamon and rosehip pocket aromatherapy can easily be slipped into your pocket or desk drawer. Rub a little on your temples, forehead, or wherever needs soothing to add a little more cheer to your day!
  • 6.Colorful Monogram Mug ($8.00): These festive, colorful mugs feature whimsical patterns and hand-drawn letters of the alphabet. Affordable and extremely giftable for everyone on your list.
  • 7. MSC Joie Kiwi Oil Mister ($8.94): A healthy and efficient way to mist fry pans, veggies and salads. Perfectly coats food and gives you total control over the amount of oil you use.
  • 8.Food Rules ($9.75): This Michael Pollan book is a must-read classic for anyone looking to replace all the diet books on their shelf with simple common-sense advice.
  • 9. 3-in-1 Avocado Tool ($9.95): Any avocado lover will appreciate this simple three-part tool that creates perfect slices of peeled avocado in seconds.
  • 10. Glass Straw ($9.95): This 10-inch straw is made from reusable glass and is a safe and environmentally friendly way to enjoy your healthy smoothies.

$20 and Under

Glass herp keeper

Glass Herb Keeper ($19.95) from Crate & Barrel

  • 11. SW Basics Organic Lip Balm 4-Pack ($15.00): SW Basics Organic Lip Balm is made from simple and certified organic ingredients. This four-pack comes in delicious natural flavors and a cute tin.
  • 12. Grateful Thank You Cards ($16.00): These vibrant thank you cards make it fun to keep in touch and express your gratitude the old fashioned way via hand-written note.
  • 13.Ripe: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables ($17.95): This cookbook is perfect for your foodie vegetarian friend! It's full of beautiful pictures and even better recipes.
  • 14.1 Month Klutch Club Membership ($18.00): Klutch Club delivers hand-picked boxes of holistic health, fitness and wellness products right to your doorstep every month.
  • 15. Fruit Pigmented Mascara ($18.00): A mascara that is colored with black tea and berry pigments and is water and smudge resistant spells out the perfect gift.
  • 16. Glass Herb Keeper ($19.95): The glass container is designed to keep herbs fresh for up to two weeks, and it fits perfectly in the fridge!
  • 17. Knitting Loom Set ($19.99): The perfect gift for someone in your life who's always wanted to take up knitting but would prefer a simpler method that produces wearable results.
  • 18. Mushroom Kit ($19.99): Grow your very own gourmet pearl oyster mushrooms in just 10 days with this USDA Organic mushroom kit.
  • 19. Bamboo Cutting Board Combo Pack ($20.00): Have a home chef in your life? This high quality set of cutting boards are crafted from 100% organic bamboo.
  • 20. Teavana Perfect Tea Maker ($19.95): This device is perfect for the tea lover on your list! It is an efficient, simple and clean way to steep tea.

$35 and Under

Pumpkin, Kale & White Bean Soup

Superfood Sampler Pack ($24.99) from Philosophie

  • 21.NaturOli Soap Nuts ($21.95): As the dried fruit of the Soap Berry tree, soap nuts are a great all-natural, organic, chemical-free alternative to detergent.
  • 22. Philosophie Superfood Sampler Pack ($24.99): These amazing blends make it easy (and delicious!) to get more superfoods into your diet. The sampler pack allows you to try all three flavors to find your favorite.
  • 23.BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle ($26.99): This 22-ounce glass water bottle is 100% recyclable and will protect you from harmful chemicals commonly found in plastic bottles.
  • 24. 2014 Letterpress Desk Calendar ($29.00): Printed with a 50-year old vintage press, these beautiful and eco-friendly calendar cards are held in a handmade wooden stand.
  • 25.Lavender Bath Bliss Gift Set ($29.95): Give the gift of relaxation with this organic assortment of everything you need to enjoy a blissful bath, including soap, lotion, a candle, and more!
  • 26.The Wild Table Cookbook ($30.00): The Wild Table takes readers into the woods, featuring more than forty recipes for wild mushrooms, plants, and berries.
  • 27.Non-Toxic Frying Pan ($30.63): Health-conscious foodies will love the original Green Pan because it is not only free from toxins often found in Teflon pans, but it is also non-stick and can withstand high heat!
  • 28. DIY Kimchi Kit ($32.00): This fun kit is perfect for anyone that likes to experiment in the kitchen. Before they know it they will be fermenting kimchi like a pro!<
  • 29. Two Toned Herbal Wrap ($32.00): Stressed out after a long day? This neck wrap is filled with calming herbs including chamomile, valerian root, and chamomile to wash away your stress.
  • 30."Eat More Kale" Apron ($35.00): This organic cotton, 3-pocket apron is the perfect addition to any healthy cooking session.

$50 and Under

Lettuce turnip the beet

Lettuce Turnip the Beet Poster ($40.00) from Etsy

  • 31. Measuring Gaggle Cup Set ($36.00): These adorable and functional stoneware measuring cups are shaped like elegant geese. Perfect for both baking and entertaining!
  • 32. Joel the Recycled Monkey ($39.00): Joel the Recyled Monkey is a cuddly stuffed animal made from 10 recycled plastic bottles. Mail-a-Monkey has other adorable eco-friendly giraffes, frogs, and elephants, too!
  • 33. Cardio Core & More Fitness Hoop ($39.95): Give the gift of a fun, full-body, cardio workout with this weighted hula-hoop, DVD, and exercise guide package.
  • 34. The GRID Foam Roller ($39.95): The foam roller is the perfect at-home tool for massaging sore muscles and improving circulation throughout the body after an intense workout...or a hard day at work!
  • 35. "Lettuce Turnip the Beet" Print ($40.00): This adorable print is perfect for any food lover's kitchen. It also comes in multiple sizes to fit any space
  • 36. Essential Oil Best of the Best Set ($44.95): This set of 14 10mL bottles of assorted essential oils is perfect for anyone interested in aromatherapy. Packed with an informational guide explaining the therapeutic benefits of each oil.
  • 37. Peterboro Bicycle Basket ($45.00): A must-have for all your biking adventures! Composed of 100% USA-grown Appalachian White Ash, this basket is durable and attractive.
  • 38. Organic Tea Gift Set ($48.00): A delectable gift for any tea-lover who appreciates quality organic loose tea.
  • 39. Stainless Steel Salad Spinner ($49.99): The genius design of this salad spinner was inspired by a children’s top. Simply press the knob several times; no pulling required.
  • 40. Personalized Life Planner ($50.00): Stay organized, keep a nutrition and exercise log, plan social events, and so much more! This is perfect gift to help anyone start off the New Year right.

$75 and Under

Slouchy vegan tote

Slouchy Vegan Tote ($68.00) from Free People

  • 41. 3 Month Subscription to Conscious Box ($56.85): Conscious Box delivers 10-15 healthy and eco-friendly products each month. This gift is perfect for someone who loves experimenting with new nutritious goodies and natural products.
  • 42. Cooler Cleanse ($58.00): Cooler Cleanse offers a 24-hour cleanse with six organic, fresh juices delivered right to your door. This mini-cleanse is perfect for the person in your life who is new to the juicing trend.
  • 43. Plated ($60.00): Plated delivers fresh pre-measured ingredients to your door along with chef-designed recipes. Perfect for someone who wants to cook delicious and wholesome meals in 30 minutes or less.
  • 44. Organic Bathrobe ($64.99): Make sure you and your loved ones are staying nice and cozy this holiday season with a warm, lightweight organic waffle bathrobe! They are easy to wash and the fabric doesn’t wrinkle.
  • 45. Zumba Exhilarate DVD Set ($65.95): The perfect gift for someone who is looking to enhance their fitness routine without going to the gym.
  • 46. The Pure Yoga Mat ($68.00): This yoga mat is specially designed to hold your grip while you're sweating and balancing on one leg. It's a must-have for those hour-and-a-half long Bikram classes!
  • 47.Slouchy Vegan Tote ($68.00): This reversible vegan leather tote is perfect for stylishly holding healthy snacks, yoga clothes, a laptop, or whatever else you need!
  • 48. Be The Change Necklace ($68.00): This beautiful and inspiring necklace features Gandhi's famous quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" inscribed on a silver pendant.
  • 49. Wicked Good Slippers ($69.00): Keep your toes warm with these "Wicked Good" Slippers from LLBean. They'll be sure to keep you nice and toasty during the coldest winter’s eve.
  • 50. "Look on the Bright Side" Canvas Print ($71.50): The perfect daily reminder to focus on the good things in life. There's always a bright side!

$100 and Under

  • 51. Air Plant Terrarium ($79.00): A beautiful, portable garden brings a touch of nature to the house to keep the environment fresh and clean. And it comes in a beautiful glass sculpture!
  • 52. Food Dehydrator ($88.99) From trail mix to kale chips to fruit leather, this is a great gift for that special someone who has an affinity for whipping up healthy and delicious treats.
  • 53. Hot Dog Yoga Mat Bag ($89.95): This ultra-light yoga bag with 8 storage compartments fits any mat and is perfect for the yoga lover on your list.
  • 54. 6 Months of ($90.00): delivers quality audio recordings of thousands of books. It's the perfect gift for the book lover in your life, or someone who wishes they had more time to read books!
  • 55. Denali Blanket ($95.00): This ultra-soft blanket is crafted from un-dyed, un-treated virgin wool from local sheep hearders in Central Mexico. Perfect to keep you warm on a cold night.
  • 56. 8” Steel Korin Chef’s Knife ($97.00): A chef’s knife is an indispensible tool in the kitchen. This Japanese-style high carbon steel knife gets rave reviews and is a favorite of professional chefs.
  • 57. Home Practice & Stretch Kit ($98.00): Perfect for all yogis, this kit incudes everything that one would need for an at-home yoga practice including blocks, a mat, and even a posture-enhancing lumbar supporter.
  • 58. Breville Compact Juicer ($99.95): This juicer has all the power of a heavy-duty machine in a compact, well-designed, easy-to-clean unit. Give the gift of green juice!
  • 59. Fit Bit ($99.95): This little bracelet will track the miles you walk and run, the steps you take, and the calories you burn each day. It will even link to a food diary app so you can keep an eye on all aspects of your health.
  • 60. Global Giving($100.00): This season, give the gift of charity and good will by making a donation to an organization in your loved one's name.


    Do you have any great gift suggestions?