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How to Be Your Own Health Coach

May 22, 2014

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In case you haven’t heard, health coaching has become an increasingly popular occupation among those who have a passion for wellness. It involves supporting clients through making gradual changes in diet and lifestyle in order to help them achieve balance and feel their best.

But do you have to work with a Health Coach or become one in order to gain these benefits for yourself? Well… you could, but there are certainly many ways that you can support yourself in reaching your health goals. All it takes is a little motivation, inspiration, and patience.

Here are 5 ways to be your own Health Coach…

Love yourself.

You thought I was going to say eat more veggies as the first thing didn’t you? We’ll get there, but the first step is really about creating a positive mindset and acknowledging that you are worthy of being nurtured in all the different ways that you need to be. Cultivate a sense of appreciation and love for your unique body, and that paves the way for other healthy adjustments.

Eat more green food.

The thing that sets most Health Coaches apart from “diet experts” is that they don’t start off by making impossible restrictions and forcing you to cut out the foods you love. Instead, they recommend simply adding more fresh and cooked vegetables to your existing diet. This ensures that you’re consuming a daily variety of vitamins and minerals while not feeling deprived. And over time, you’ll naturally become more inclined toward healthier options.

Listen to your body.

There are so many rules out there when it comes to health. But do they all work for everyone? Absolutely not! We all have individual needs, and a good Health Coach can pick up on subtle signs of what might help to create balance. For example, do you experience bloating after eating dairy? Does fast-paced exercise make you dizzy? Are you doing “all the right things” but still feeling low energy? Listen to your body and experiment by making small adjustments to see what makes you feel better. Use your body’s wisdom as your inner compass to wellness.

Overcome fear of change.

One of the most common reasons that we avoid making changes is fear of trading security for the unknown. This goes beyond diet or lifestyle habits to the other things in life that affect our health and happiness, such as career, relationships, or home environment, and can hold us  back from pursuing our heart’s true calling. Ask yourself what stands between you and authentic joy and freedom—I bet you already know the answer—and then make plans to take action towards making it happen. While it might seem scary to change careers, leave your partner, or travel somewhere far away, it will ultimately allow you to blossom in a deeply fulfilling way.

Make the time.

If you’re really going to coach yourself to wellness, you’ll have to work at it like anything else in life worth pursuing. We all have the same 24 hours each day, but it’s  up to you whether you spend them taking care of yourself or not. Make time to cook, exercise, enjoy nature, laugh with friends, take a bath, read a good book, and do anything else that nourishes your body, mind, and soul. Daily investments in time add up to a major payoff in your quality of life.

If you think you might want to go a step beyond and pursue a career in wellness, there’s really just one question you need to ask yourself to determine if you should be a certified Health Coach: do you want to heal yourself and help others achieve a healthy balance? If so, then the answer is clear.

 How do you act as your own Health Coach? Tell us your strategies in the comments below!