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Video: Are You Being a Partner or a Parent in Your Relationship?

May 12, 2014

If you've ever been in a relationship, chances are you've been in a situation like this: you're upset or annoyed at your partner's behavior, and when you let them know this, they react with anger or defensiveness, or completely shut down. Sound familiar? If so, the odds are good that you're taking on the role of "Mom" in your dynamic, and communicating in a way that makes your partner feel that you don't trust, respect, or appreciate him.

The good news is that this destructive pattern is pretty easy to fix. Understanding the unintended messages of your words, as well as your own motivations, can help you find more effective ways to communicate that not only assert your needs but also allow your partner to feel like he's getting the freedom and trust he deserves. Plus, you get to go back to being the partner, not the parent, which—let's be honest—is way more fun.

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