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Switch to Organic Now to Reduce 95% of Pesticides in Your Body

June 4, 2010

 It’s no secret that if you eat a diet that is packed full of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods, your health may improve.  That is unless those fruits and veggies are conventionally grown using pesticides which keep the bugs and weeds away, but also leave harmful chemicals that end up in our bodies. 

A new report by the Environmental Working Group and highlighted by Sanjay Gupta, MD on CNN, gives insight into the debate on whether eating organic is really better for you.   The reports states that if you are eating conventional celery, you may be ingesting up to 67 pesticides with it.  These chemicals are designed to kill things.  Do we really want to save the few cents that buying conventionally grown produce offers us? 

There are many ways to save money and your health.  Try shopping at the local farmers market.  You can buy fresh off the farm produce, cultivate relationships with the farmers and have a discussion about their growing practices.  If you live in an area that allows, you can also grow some of your own food.  Finally, with knowledge of the harmful effects of toxic chemicals in our environment, finding ways to avoid non-organic food is of vital importance. 

Are you spending the extra money for organic foods?  What are your suggestions for saving money on an organic diet?