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The Cookie Diet

September 8, 2008

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From the South Beach to the Cabbage Soup diet, most Americans are obsessed with diets. When a company promises significant weight loss people are immediately intrigued. It makes perfect sense. We want to look and feel good for ourselves and for the people we love.

Even though diets are popular because of the high level of intrigue, they have a very low success rate. Many people will initially lose the weight, but as soon as they go off the diet, they go back to their old ways of eating and the weight comes back.  

Most recently, a new Cookie diet was introduced to the market. We all love cookies. They are sweet and satisfy many of our cravings for chocolate. But can you imagine eating cookies for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks? The treats you have in mind like Oreos or Fig Newtons are not part of the Cookie Diet, but rather specially prepared vegetable, fruit and protein-rich cookies that only pack 100 calories a piece, but taste like they have 200-300 calories. The diet’s creator claims people can lose up to 15 pounds a month eating these cookies. 

All diet programs contain elements of truth. But eating cookies all day is not something that you can do for the rest of your life. When it comes to losing weight, one of the best places to start is to add more vegetables to your diet. Check out recipes here.