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Victory! NO Chocolate Milk in LA Schools

June 15, 2011

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The LA times reported today that the Los Angeles school district has removed flavored milk from the cafeteria menu. This is sweet news. LA now becomes the largest school district in the nation to ban chocolate and strawberry flavored milk.

This is a huge victory in the battle against childhood obesity and for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution - the major catalyst in this move by Los Angeles Unified School District. Jamie was quoted in his reaction to this news:

"This is a giant step forward for the health and future of 680,000 kids in Los Angeles, and leads the way for more school districts around the country to follow."

In addition to removing the flavored milk, LA’s school district’s new milk menu includes low-fat and nonfat plain milk as well as soy and Lactaid milks.

LA is now leading the way to healthier school food. Larger school districts like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and DC need to take note. For more see the The Great Chocolate Milk Debate.

What is your reaction to Los Angeles’ removal of flavored milk?