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You Won't Need To Moisturize After Using This DIY Face Scrub

June 27, 2014
Chanel Parks

It may be time to throw out your face cream. At least that was our reaction after meeting art model Kassandra Archer on the streets of SoHo in New York City this week.

Archer's beauty regimen is grounded in one of our favorite style mantras: less is more. She avoids toxic chemicals by going au naturale when it comes to putting products on her face and credits this approach with giving her glowing skin. So when Archer detailed her recipe for the DIY moisturizing scrub she swears by, we scoured our cabinets for the simple ingredients.

"It's a honey, brown sugar, lavender, vitamin E oil, and olive oil scrub, and you don't even need any moisturizer after," she said—killing two birds (exfoliation and hydration) with one stone.

This homemade scrub sounds like a must-try, but don't forget to conduct a patch test on your skin before application. Check out the photo to learn more of Archer's beauty secrets.

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